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Stem Cell Therapy

      Purpose: This blog is about my experience with Stem Cell Therapy, a controversial topic for many years. It has finally evolved from experimental status to an accepted medical protocol, administered by a physician. There are several sources of “Stem Cell” being promoted covering a wide price range. Some medical groups offer insurance […]

Straight Talk – Trick or Treat, Women & Mixed Signals

Men can be so confused when it comes to women. Perhaps, you have noticed that many men are not particularly tuned in to the complexities of the female universe. Especially when it comes to emotions which may, at times, appear somewhat unpredictable…or even chaotic. Well, most women don’t understand why they can be topsy-turvy. So, […]

Straight Talk – Brain Fog & Butt-Kickin’ Fatigue

Youth sees 20=30=40=50=60 in terms of having the same resources to accomplish whatever whenever. This is a falsehood of mythical proportions as there are times when no amount of positive thinking or more exercise will exorcise a problem and result in a ‘back to normal.’ So many changes happen between 35-45 and two very common […]

Straight Talk – Weight Gain&Gain&Gain

At my age 37-ish annual physical when my physician asked if I had any questions, I responded, “You know, doc, could I have a low-thyroid condition? My brain is foggy, I have a little problem remembering things and if I look at a cupcake, I gain five pounds. He looked at me in what seemed a […]

Straight Talk – Trust & Truth

In my late teens, Rosa looked me straight in the eye and said, “You’re not beautiful but there is something about you that attracts people. I can’t quite put my finger on it.” Huh. Now you have to understand she was always direct so I didn’t take offense. As I trusted her, her truth gradually […]

Straight Talk – The Tug of War For Your Piece of Mind

Some days, we sail through life happy as a clam and other days, not so much. Some days, we feel like we might lose control and other days, we lose it…completely. I hate losing control. One day while studying the female ‘monthly’ cycle in premed biology, the stars aligned and OMG…the chemistry of my biology […]

Straight Talk – Midlife NO Crisis

We make decisions in our 20’s that we have to live with in our 30’ and 40’s. This is important because as a 20-Something, we have the ‘whiz and vinegar’ to conquer the world – not realizing that physical, mental and emotional momentum gradually slows down and what’s left doesn’t always take us through the […]