Clarity Medicine Journal 


I Had Cancer Running Through My Body
And This Is What I Did!

Statistics say 1 in 3 women will have breast cancer but I never thought it would be me, the quintessential poster child for wellness. Indeed, I only knew ONE person with cancer when I was young. The increase does not point to genetics but rather to life style and environment. 

The first thing I did was check my vivid imagination screaming, ‚ÄúCANCER‚ÄĚ in my head. I never saw myself as having cancer but decided it was a virus, just a little bug ‚Äď and we kill bugs all the time. Sounds ridiculous but that helped me to¬†think.¬†

I do know some dedicated oncologists,¬†yet I had¬†seen patients suffer miserably from¬†chemo.¬†There had¬†always been¬†whispers¬†about people beating cancer.¬†Were there¬†cancer¬†protocols evolving¬†to change¬†the ‚Äėhost‚Äô so ‚Äúthe bug‚Ä̬†could no longer thrive¬†in my body?¬†One friend derided me for being¬†afraid of a ‚Äúlittle chemo‚ÄĚ only to later comment on the¬†long term¬†effects of chemo¬†on¬†the lining of¬†blood vessels.¬†¬†

Therapies Used to Beat Breast Cancer 

Working with several people who had survived cancer, I focused on a healing regimen that included Lymphatic Therapy and Ozone Therapy 4X per week for 6 weeks. 

Water: (10) 8-oz Glasses Daily 

Raw Vegetable Juice: (5) Carrots, (5) Celery Sticks, (1) Cucumber, Bunch of Parsley, ¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ Slice of Ginger. Daily¬†

Wheat Grass Shots: 2-oz Fresh Daily 

Ginger Shots: 4-oz Fresh Daily 

During therapy, I felt the best I had felt since forever. The exhaustion lifted, mental clarity improved and business increased?!¬† Not bad. By week 3, the tumor casing seemed thinner. Twice, I experienced a detaching of what felt like a web-like film under the skin from armpit to breast. Other times, there were little ‚Äėimplosions‚Äô that corresponded to¬†‚Äėareas of interest‚Äô on¬†my¬†thermograph, a medically accepted mammogram substitute.¬†¬†

This chapter is now in the rear view mirror. I am careful with my lifestyle, thankful for amazing support from healthcare professionals and good friends who have been down this road. Over time my energy started to deplete and I was afraid that it was coming back. But this Part 2, as it were, directed to what the real cause of my cancer, one more healing hurdle, and why we have a website mostly about CIRCULATION.  

Stay Tuned.