Ginger Power Recipe

Ginger Is an Acquired Taste So This is What I Did!


A ROBUST IMMUNE SYSTEM AT LAST! These therapies helped to rebuild my life post cancer.  I am grateful to the healthcare professionals that cared enough to teach me new ways to approach health. It took about four years to figure this part out – so I hope the following information is helpful and saves you time.

POST CANCER: For about 6 months after I beat cancer, I was energetic, fearless and invincible. This was likely due to the influx of Oxygen and Nutrients. The Lymphatic Cleanse was key as it helped to clean out old debilitated and sludged up lympatics and blood vessels.


I gradually began to struggle (again) with chronic sinus infections and pneumoia. Having over-used antibiotics from my 40’s on, so I wouldn’t miss work, my doctor kept warned me that I would eventually become vunlerable to ‘Superbugs.’  Gradually, we figured it out a system that worked better than antibiotics and helped to reinstate a healthy biology. I am back to feeling invincible.


GINGER TEA – FOR DAILY IMMUNE BOOST: One day, sweet neighbors recommended Ginger Tea which was always brewing on their back burner. The ingredients are as follows.

  • Ginger – 2 Large Pieces, Sliced & Peeled
  • Star Anise – 2 -4 Pieces
  • Cardamon – 4-6 Pieces
  • Cloves – 4-8 Pieces (this is strong so according to taste)
  • Basil – 3-4 Stems (this will darken and change the taste so sometimes I leave it out)



Bring all ingredients to boil then simmer on low heat to let it steep; after 20-ish minutes pour a mug and add a squeeze of lemon and honey to taste. It is pungunt and pleasing.


STRAIGHT GINGER SUPER PUNCH:  Sometimes, Ginger Tea is not enough and my allergies kick in. That’s when I order 20oz of straight Ginger Juice and sip as needed. This seems to make a big difference and I feel really good. I have more energy when I do this regularly maybe because I am not wasting so much energy to fight invading microbes. This can be an acquired taste. Sometimes, I use orange juice chaser.


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