Straight Talk – Midlife NO Crisis

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We make decisions in our 20’s that we have to live with in our 30’ and 40’s. This is important because as a 20-Something, we have the ‘whiz and vinegar’ to conquer the world – not realizing that physical, mental and emotional momentum gradually slows down and what’s left doesn’t always take us through the day or even make it to supper and bedtime with kids in tow.

From 35-40, aging can make us feel like a little fatigue so we self-medicate with caffeine, diet sodas and sugar. We get up each morning, organize the kids, grab the mirror, look ourselves in the eye and chant, “I think I can, I think I can….” And we can and we do…but there are more effective ways to embrace midlife so that 40-45 does not become a crash and burn scenario.

A medical doctor once mentioned the signs of aging typical for 50-Somethings were showing up in 30-Somethings…including impotency…WHAT?! There are just times when your “I think I can, I think I can” stops working because it has less with which to work. We are made to be resilient in times of stress. Adrenal Glands release adrenaline to bridge the gap between what we have and what we need in terms of energy to get the job done. If they don’t get sufficient R&R, well, they can wear out. Adrenal depletion impacts estrogen, testosterone and thyroid which affects – you guessed it – sex drive, career drive, weight and brain fog.

You know you’re pushing the envelope with this amazing work-horse of a gland: when you can’t seem to fall asleep because your brain won’t stop, only to wake up tired with no bounce-back…and eventually, if even a long weekend doesn’t bring you back online…it’s time to pay attention.

There are things that happen to you on the outside that you cannot avoid no matter how much you try to carry on. What you can change is how you choose to respond, and how you take care of yourself so you can face life with a full tank of gas.

NOTE TO SELF: A full tank of gas is always good.