Straight Talk – The Tug of War For Your Piece of Mind

Some days, we sail through life happy as a clam and other days, not so much. Some days, we feel like we might lose control and other days, we lose it…completely. I hate losing control.

One day while studying the female ‘monthly’ cycle in premed biology, the stars aligned and OMG…the chemistry of my biology made total sense! And yes, there can actually be a cause and effect. Below, is the ever so infamous Blinged-Out Hormone Chart with associated emotions.

To oversimplify: As estrogen ramps up to release a monthly egg, it gives a girl a flirty-flavor. It then gives way as progesterone takes the lead and a normal woman can feel like superwoman on steroids. At the end of the cycle (when we were told we couldn’t get pregnant) there is a tricky little estrogen spike – triggering romance and possible pregnancy…IF an egg is released. Surprise!

From flying high, we hit the depths of despair, lose our cool, hate ourselves, and maybe have a little cry. Did you know that crying helps the body to release excess hormones? Good to know! Finally, an oxytocin low puts us back in cuddle mode helping the body to replenish this feel good hormone.

The point is when overcome by circumstances, especially when they have a name (like Hubby or Jr.), it never hurts to check the cycle, breathe and think before taking a proverbial swing. This can prevent cataclysmic mate-bashing, berating an innocent child or saying something at work that they will never forget and you will always, always regret.

NOTE TO SELF: Tune into your ‘stuff’ and own it.