Straight Talk – Trick or Treat, Women & Mixed Signals

Men can be so confused when it comes to women. Perhaps, you have noticed that many men are not particularly tuned in to the complexities of the female universe. Especially when it comes to emotions which may, at times, appear somewhat unpredictable…or even chaotic.

Well, most women don’t understand why they can be topsy-turvy. So, in case you missed the ever popular “Birds and Bees Lecture” as a teenager, below is an updated hormone chart (lower left) and an Urban Princess Blinged-Out Chart with corresponding emotions (lower right).

What if this is what a guy hears throughout a monthly cycle…PARTAY! LOVE ME! DO THIS & THAT FOR ME! SEX NOW! DON’T TOUCH ME! I HATE YOU! WAH-BOO-HOO! HUG ME! CUDDLE-CUDDLE! Honestly, we can give an array of contradictory messages. And you know they are wondering: “How many women are stuffed in that one body?”

Beneficial info? Understanding the body ‘s natural rhythms creates an opportunity to leverage your strengths. Upswing? Date time or great time to make a presentation or throw a party. Downswing? During low energy…read, maybe clean, organize, research, write a business plan.

NOTE TO SELF: When it comes to mixed signals, maybe we give as good as we get.