With Appreciation

Ron Duperroir, Major (R), MHA, Clarity Solutions

Clarity Government Services; Medical Facilities Consultation

Drs. Jan, Jim and David Van Meter, North Texas Wellness

Holistic Wellness, Lymphatic & Ozone Therapy

Jim Hrncir, RpH, Las Colinas Pharmacy, Compounding & Wellness

Bio-Identical Hormone Research & Consultation

2017 Compounding Pharmacist of the Year

Dr. Phil, Guest Speaker on Anti-Aging

Ron Boltas, Ph.D. Chemistry (Retired)

NASA, Astronaut Blood Analyst

Progressive Laboratories, Product Liaison to Physicians, Healthcare Professionals

Jason Black, D.C., Ethos Regenerative Medical Group

Scott Mullen, D.C., B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Biology