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Purpose: This blog is about my experience with Stem Cell Therapy, a controversial topic for many years. It has finally evolved from experimental status to an accepted medical protocol, administered by a physician. There are several sources of “Stem Cell” being promoted covering a wide price range. Some medical groups offer insurance coverage. See below.

Reverse Aging:  I became interested in Stem Cell Therapy as I approached my 60’s and noticed that my will power no longer overcame increasing fatigue. At that time stem cell procedures were “experimental” yet I absolutely offered myself up as a guinea pig – especially after my very conservative, engineer colleague “volunteered” for a stem cell presentation for a physicians group. I recall three days later, his crippled knees were dancing a jig. Seriously, I will never forget that transformation.

Past Experience: This would be my 4th stem cell procedure. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd were completed around 2015 during the “experimental stage” in the medical community. I paid $600 per treatment. There was an interim period when physicians were subject to close scrutiny and sanctions. I could not locate a physician until recently. And it took additional research to navigate pricing without having to sell my first-born.

Stem Cell Source: I chose Stem Cells derived from Umbilical Cord for several reasons. Research supporting this option is included in graph below. This was a fairly simple procedure compared to liposuction-derived Adipose Fat stem cells or the Bone Marrow procedure where a physician inserts a needle through bone to extracts stem cells.

Cost:  Price range was between $2,200-$14,000 per treatment. Some insurance companies including Medicare now cover procedures. Due to time constraints, travel restrictions, stress and health objectives, I chose a double dose and paid $4400 from a local practitioner. And no, I am not wealthy. However, the better I feel, the easier to cope with a gyrating economy and necessary midcourse financial corrections.

Dad Takes the Plunge: I had to finally commit when, without ever mentioning it, my 91-yr old father scheduled stem cell treatment for neuropathy.  They used needles to inject stem cells into calf area. It was a pain management group that navigated the approval process for coverage under Medicare. Dad can already feel the gas and break-pedal better when he drives. God help us all.




Day 1: Just completed Stem Cell Therapy using Umbilical Cord via intravenous (IV) insertion at 10:30am. The whole procedure took about 60 minutes. I was scheduled for Friday but just couldn’t wait. The physician implemented a stem cell “push” which is a closely monitored manual insertion of product through IV, followed by an Ozone-4 “chaser” to stimulate cellular activity.

Day 2 Morning: The Nurse mentioned I might experience “flu like symptoms.” This morning I woke up slow but ready for work – just not with the usual get-go. The “above mentioned “flu like symptoms” is also referred to as a healing crisis – as body focuses on repair mode and flushes dead cells. I started to drink more water to help flush out toxins.

This feels similar to the cancer die-off I experienced 3 1/2 years ago. I will go low-key and let my body use its resources to heal. No gym today.

“The big take away this morning is zero arthritis in my lower back.”

Day 2 Evening: This is the end of day-2 and I am definitely in ‘healing crisis. This is solid progress. I was home by 6:30 – after picking up the makings for chicken soup – I am craving homemade chicken soup, of all things. It’s on the stove.

Day 3 Evening:  Now I am tired but maintaining work schedule which included a small landscaping project in the pouring rain. Jeez. Such an endeavor in my weakening mid 60’s would have resulted in pneumonia. Not so today – So, not complaining. After so many years of feeling run down and repairing from cancer and heart disease, I am thrilled with my new normal.

Reinventing Age – AKA Anti-Aging – AKA Reverse Aging



Conclusion: This was another successful Stem Cell Therapy and I am so glad “Stem Cell” is finally back on the market. My physician mentioned I might not feel a difference immediately yet results were substantive and quite immediate. There is ZERO arthritis pain in my lower back and neck and as I write this blog at the end of day 4. I can say that my energy has been steady throughout the day. / Not bad for 69.

Below, is information regarding different types of stem cell sources and effectiveness.


The Age of Stem Cells Matter

Human Stem Cell Age

Self-Renewal Estimate

Placental or Cord




40-Year Old


80-Year Old


This is important because as stem cells age, their ability to self-renew declines

rapidly. Placenta or cord stem cells can self-renew approximately 2,000,000

times; a teenage stem cell 200,000 times; a 40-yr old 1,000 times; and an 80-yr old

about 4 times.


Stem Cell Source

Proliferation Capacity

Bone Marrow


Aidpose Fat


Cord Blood


The ratio of marrow cells to stem cells as we age shows 2 things:

1.) The repair burden for each stem cell increases with age.

For example, a newborn has 1 stem cell for every 10,000 bone marrow cells.

Whereas an 80-yr old has 1 stem cell for every 2,000,000 bone marrow cells.

[There’s just not as much to go around!]


2.) We get drastically fewer stem cells from harvesting our own bone marrow

as we age.


Human Stem Cell Age

1 Month Growth

Placental or Cord


35-Year Old


65-Year Old


[This explains why my 2nd and 3rd round of Stem Cell Therapy was not as affective

in my early 60’s.]


Source: Comparative Analysis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Bone

Marrow, Umbilical Cord Blood, or Adipose Fat Tissue.

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