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“Thank you for introducing me to CardioFlow and Endocaylx. I have more energy and my blood pressure has dropped a lot. It’s within normal limits now. Please do send me BeetElite and the NitricOxide [Test Strips] and the Liquid Oxygen. Thanks”


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While at the make-up counter one day, the man applying my make-up ever so adeptly, kept up an easy conversational patter during which he enlightened me regarding his gay-dom. “IF YOU THINK THAT I WANTED TO GROW UP GAY IN TEXAS, THEN YOU’RE CRAZY!”


I was shocked and just a little uncomfortable for as a ‘child of the sixties’ the prevailing thought was homosexuality was a choice.  While my generation rarely discussed homosexuality, and your generation may be more accepting, there still seems to be considerable confusion about the origins of sexual orientation.


To say those who exist outside the norms of society are ostracized and ridiculed is more than stating the obvious. There is, however, greater tolerance when the biological or pathological origins of an anomaly are identifiable.  The point is that lack of knowledge can breed behavior that hurts those already hurting.


In The Red Queen, Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (1993), Matt Ridley discusses possible causes for sexual variations in society:


“A man develops a preference for women because his brain develops a certain way. It develops in a certain way because testosterone produced by his genetically determined testicles alter the brain inside his mother’s womb in such a way that later, at puberty, it will react to testosterone again. Miss out on the genes for testicles, the testosterone burst in the womb, or the testosterone burst at puberty – any one of the three – and you will not be a typical man…Research in Britain, America and Germany has all confirmed that a prenatal exposure to a deficiency of testosterone increases the likelihood of a man becoming homosexual.                      Men with an extra X chromosome and men exposed in the womb to female hormones are likely to be gay…” (p. 264).”


NOTE TO SELF: Understanding conundrums through research and education can provide answers that remove fear. Education is mandatory. Fear is optional. Hate is unconscionable.

Exosome Therapy

Anti-Aging / Reverse Aging

Purpose: At age 70, I have certainly noticed memory glitches. As I choose to work full time, I do not want to be deterred by having “some-timers” (a joke amongst seniors) turn into “Alzheimer’s.  Also, this is overall, a slightly less expensive treatment so I wish to compare results and cost to Stem Cell Therapy.

Aging:  As we age, we become less efficient at cell repair and replacement. Environmental factors, genetic disorders, chronic disease, autoimmune disorders, or chronic inflammation can interfere or “dysregulate” the communication between cells.

Reverse Aging & Exosomes: Exosomes support the immune system; “calm” the immune response reducing inflammation; and signal cells to return to healthy function. They can prove helpful combatting chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s Disease, and other degenerative diseases.

What Are Exosomes: Exosomes used in this therapy are derived from Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC)

and can work with any type of cell in the body for repair purposes.  Their function to increase communication between cells, reduce inflammation, cause cells to regenerate and modify the body’s immune response. The information they convey directs our cells to turn “on” or “off” and / or to react in a certain way.

Who Administers Exosome Therapy:  A physician on an outpatient basis.

Safety: “No long-term negative effects have ever been reported.” QUOTE DOCTOR

Cost:  $7,000 for 5cc’s of Exosomes

1ML = 5cc’s

15 BILLION EXOSOMES – Pretty Ex-citing!

Treatment: (5) cc’s are divided into (5) Applications then proceeded as follows.

Step 1: Thaw Vial

Step 2: Separate 1cc for application into back of nasal passage for optimal brain barrier transferal. Check time: 9:20am.

Step 3: Place 1cc in dropper; lie with head tilted back and release into back of nasal passage.

Step 4: Add saline solution to 4cc’s and apply intravenously.

Step 5: Prepare and apply Turpinated Ozone intravenously.

Step 6. One hour after first nasal application, administer 2nd ¼ cc to back of nasal passage.

Step 7.  One hour after first nasal application, administer 3rd ¼ cc to back of nasal passage.

Step 8. One hour after first nasal application, administer 4th ¼ cc to back of nasal passage.



Day 1 Morning  One hour after Step 1, my extremities became very cold. I wrapped in a blanket and rest throughout the rest of therapy (1:30pm). I did notice a slight increase in mental clarity that afternoon but was still lowkey.

Day 2  I was told to chill. The next day was like cruising in low gear – a steady go with the flow – was still

in gear 12 hours later. Mentally productive – slightly improved concentration and was able to focus on this blog.

Day 3  This is still another low gear but steady energy. Good concentration.

Day 8  This is still another low gear but steady energy. My olfactory senses just kicked in and I notice smells are stronger, an indicator that it is working on the smell center in my brain, and hopefully, on other areas. My main reason for trying this therapy was to see if we could improve osmotic access through the  Blood-Brain Barrier to optimize cognitive function.

Day 12  I was afraid that I would not get arthritic relief but I am aware that my lower back is no longer stiff.

COMPARISON TO STEM CELL THERAPY DONE 6 MONTHS AGO   I initiated Stem Cell Therapy, in part, to heal arthritis pain in lower back – which disappeared in approximately 12 hours. Exosome Therapy took about 10-12 days for low back relief to begin. I am told that everyone responds differently and that Exosomes results seem to be more evident around the 3rd month.

Other objectives were to maintain a robust immune system, improve energy and cognitive function. I experienced a marked improvement in each area with both therapies. I am active and more productive later in the evening. There was slight fatigue for about 2 weeks after Stem Cell treatment and Exosome Therapy.

CONCLUSION I will continue to do Exosome Therapy as it is more cost effective over. I expect that as my organs continue to restore I will reduce the number of nutraceuticals that I use post cancer and heart disease. Stem Cell Therapy provided 2Million stem cells which equated to 2 Billion exosomes in its 2nd stage. Exosome range for therapy is about 15 Billion from 5ccs.