Straight Talk – Stress on Steroids


Many Americans experience exhaustion caused by adrenal depletion but doctors
don’t always diagnose adrenal conditions until cases become extreme.

Below is a description of stages of adrenal depletion. If you have concerns, look for a healthcare professional who is knowledgeable and suggest available options.

Stage 1 – Can’t sleep or wake up tired; and you don’t feel restored after some R&R.

Stage 2 – Thyroid/Hormone Dysfunction; more sugar, caffeine & diet soda; weight gain, depression, memory loss, reduced testosterone and estrogen, reduced libido.

Stage 3 – Autoimmune Disorders where body turns on itself causing psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, pernicious anemia, etc.

Stage 4 – Disease caused by further loss of body balance…heart disease, diabetes, cancer to name a few.

NOTE TO SELF: Are you a STRESS BALL? Take a minute to REBALANCE.