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Exosome Therapy 

Anti-Aging / Reverse Aging 

Purpose:¬†Quality of Life at age 70.¬†As I choose to work full time, I did¬†not want to be deterred by having¬†‚ÄúSome-Timers‚ÄĚ (a joke amongst seniors) turn into ‚ÄúAlzheimer‚Äôs.¬†¬†Or joint deterioration. I want to be fully engaged because now every moment counts.¬†

Aging:¬†¬†As we age, we become less efficient at cell repair¬†and replacement.¬†Environmental factors, genetic disorders, chronic disease, autoimmune disorders, or chronic inflammation can interfere or ‚Äúdysregulate‚ÄĚ the communication between cells.¬†

What Are Exosomes:¬†Exosomes used in this therapy are derived from Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC)¬†¬†and can work with any type of cell in the body for repair purposes.¬† Their function¬†is¬†to increase communication between cells; and convey¬†information¬†that¬†directs cells to turn ‚Äúon‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúoff.‚ÄĚ Exosomes support the immune system; ‚Äúcalm‚ÄĚ the immune response reducing inflammation; and signal cells to return to healthy function. They can prove helpful combatting chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, Lyme‚Äôs Disease, and other degenerative diseases.¬†

Who Administers Exosome Therapy:  A physician on an outpatient basis. 

Safety:¬†‚ÄúNo long-term negative effects have ever been reported.‚ÄĚ QUOTE DOCTOR¬†

Cost:¬† $7,000 for 5cc‚Äôs of Exosomes (vs $4400 for 2cc‚Äôs or 2 million stem cells which transforms into 2 billion exosomes) 1ML¬†Growth¬†Hormone¬†¬†=¬†5cc‚Äôs¬†=¬†15¬†BILLION EXOSOMES¬†‚ÄstSounds¬†Ex-citing!¬†

Treatment: (5) cc’s are divided into (5) Applications then proceeded as follows. 

Step 1: Thaw Vial
Step 2: Separate 1cc for application into back of nasal passage for optimal brain barrier transferal. Check time: 9:20am.
Step 3: Place 1cc in dropper; lie with head tilted back and release into back of nasal passage.
Step 4: Add saline solution to 4cc’s and apply intravenously.
Step 5: Prepare and apply Turpinated Ozone intravenously.
Step 6.¬†One hour after first nasal application, administer 2nd¬†¬ľ¬†cc to back of nasal passage.
Step 7.¬†¬†One hour after first nasal application, administer 3rd¬†¬ľ¬†cc to back of nasal passage.
Step 8.¬†One hour after first nasal application, administer 4th¬†¬ľ¬†cc to back of nasal passage.¬†




Day 1 Morning  One hour after Step 1, my extremities became very cold. I wrapped in a blanket and rest throughout the rest of therapy (1:30pm). I did notice a slight increase in mental clarity that afternoon but was still lowkey.  


Day¬†2¬†¬†I¬†was told to chill. The next day was like cruising¬†in low gear¬†‚Äď a steady go with the flow¬†‚Ästwas¬†still¬†¬†

in gear 12 hours later.¬†Mentally productive ‚Äď slightly improved concentration and was able to focus on this blog.¬†¬†


Day 3  This is still another low gear but steady energy. Good concentration.  


Day 8  This is still another low gear but steady energy. My olfactory senses just kicked in and I notice smells are stronger, an indicator that it is working on the smell center in my brain, and hopefully, on other areas. My main reason for trying this therapy was to see if we could improve osmotic access through the  Blood-Brain Barrier to optimize cognitive function.  


Day 12  I was afraid that I would not get arthritic relief but I am aware that my lower back is no longer stiff. 

Day 90   Over all better. My skin is really improved which was interesting.  But I had a negative reaction to the first covid shot which seemed to lower my pretty robust immune system. I did have bacterial pneumonia for two weeks. And my heart weakened significantly when doing my last evaluation (MENLA Scan).  


COMPARISON TO STEM CELL THERAPY DONE 6 MONTHS AGO   I initiated Stem Cell Therapy, in part, for heart repair and to heal arthritis pain in lower back (disappeared in approximately 12 hours). Exosome Therapy took about 10-12 days for low back relief to begin. I am told that everyone responds differently and that Exosomes results seem to be more evident around the 3rd month. 


There was slight fatigue for about 2 weeks after Stem Cell treatment and Exosome Therapy.  I experienced marked improvement with both therapies. I am active and more productive later in the evening; have experienced improved mental function. My skin improved significantly with the exosomes but again the amount (15 Billion) was an opportunity for more healing. I had been struggling post cancer to improve my immune system and both therapies were beneficial. 


CONCLUSION I had planned to do another round of Exosomes but because my heart took a hit in the past several weeks, I have decided to repeat Stem Cell Therapy as it seems to prioritize heart and lung. My preference, however, is Exosomes in terms of cost and number. 


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